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132nd Year

“Discover the Amazing Universe.”

Visit Ballarat and come to Ballarat Municipal Observatory Museum and Learn about the Cosmos with our 3D Astrotour theatre, view planets & stars with our modern & historical telescopes.



Days include Tuesday – Saturday

Bookings are essential for evening programs for viewing at the telescopes during term time.

The general evening program now begins at 9.00pm for viewing at the telescopes only. This changes as the days become shorter.

The Observatory will be closed from 6.30pm unless there is a confirmed booking for meals at the 3rd Rock Cafe and /or evening program.



What’s on at the Observatory

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Fauna and Firmament Tours


The Ballarat Observatory and Golden Nugget Discovery Tours have come together to give you an unforgettable bush and night time experience.

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Group bookings for other times call on 0429 199 312.

 Sunday , Monday and Wednesday the Observatory is closed unless there is a pre – arranged booking or special event is on.

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The Ballarat Municipal Observatory and Museum is delighted to have been awarded the 2017 Greg Binns Award for Outstanding Community Contribution to Heritage.

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Four Aboriginal Australian star names were also added to the IAU stellar name catalogue, including the Wardaman names Larawag, Ginan, and Wurren for the stars designated ε (Epsilon) Scorpii, ε (Epsilon) Crucis, and ζ (Zeta) Phoenicis, respectively, and the Boorong name Unurgunite for the star (Sigma) Canis Majoris (an ancestral figure who fights the Moon). Aboriginal Australians are among the oldest continuous cultures in the world, going back more than 65 000 years, representing some of the most ancient star names on the IAU list.



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