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131th Year

“Discover the Amazing Universe.”

Visit Ballarat and come to Ballarat Municipal Observatory Museum and Learn about the Cosmos with our 3D Astrotour theatre, view planets & stars with our modern & historical telescopes.


3rd Rock Cafe is open for Group Bookings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Open from 2.30pm.

4.30pm Tour

5.00pm 3D Movies

5.30pm Viewing at the telescopes when it is dark.


Open from 2.30pm.

4.30pm Tour

5.00pm 3D Movies

5.30pm Viewing at the telescopes when it is dark.


Open from 2.30pm.

4.30pm Tour

5.00pm 3D Movies

5.30pm Viewing at the telescopes when it is dark.


Winter Festival – Starry Nights Program begins.

 Phone for later bookings on 0429 199 312 or contact


Sunday , Monday and Wednesday the Observatory is closed unless there is a pre – arranged booking or special event is on.

For help in planning your visit, refer to the Diary of Phenomena below and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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What’s on at the Observatory




The Ballarat Observatory and Golden Nugget Discovery Tours have come together to give you an unforgettable bush and night time experience.

We care for our Environment and Planet Earth.

As the sun sets, the Australian bush comes alive, a chance to encounter, depending on their being present on the  night, some local wildlife such as

Kangaroos, Possums, Gliders, Owls, Frogs, Bats, and other night wild life and then to look through telescopes at the Observatory to discover the wonders of the night sky.

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The largest secondary mirror ever employed on a telescope and also the largest convex mirror ever produced has just been successfully cast, to find out what a secondary mirror is, come to the Observatory on Saturday and see for yourself. Jupiter is a beautiful object now, Saturn is visible by about 8pm – last object for the night.
ELT secondary mirror blank
The Cassini Spacecraft is on it’s final journey, winding in and out of Saturn rings, until a final dive into the body of Saturn.
Our Next Astronomical Conversations looks at some of the highlights of Cassini’s remarkable journey over it’s lifetime.

Diary of Astronomical Phenomena

Sunrise and Sunset Times Ballarat

How good is your backyard sky? Find out here- Light Pollution-What is It?


  • 5th Venus is a morning object at magnitude -4.4, in Andromeda,  distance from Earth 106,118,232km, rising at 03:41hrs AEST.
  • 5th Mars is an evening object setting at 18:17hrs AEST , in Taurus at  mag. 1.7,  dist. from Earth 380,681,082km.
  • 5th Mercury is a morning object in Taurus, mag. -0.6, dist. from Earth 169,576,026km, rising at 05:58 hrs AEST.
  • 5th Saturn is rising at 17:53hrs AEST, in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler, mag. 0.1  distance 1,355,426,325km,  sets  6th 08:29hrs AEST.
  • 4th Jupiter in Virgo rises at 14:06hrs AEST,   mag. -2.2 West of Spica, Alpha Virgo, distance 731, 287,968km, sets 5th June 02:40hrs AEST.
  • 9th Luna at Apogee 08:19hrs AEST 406,397.6km.
  • 15th Saturn at opposition 16th closest to Earth at 00:23:47 dist 1,352,758,489km.
  • 21st North Solstice (Winter) 14:25hrs AEST
  • 23rd Luna at Perigee  20:51hrs AEST 357,940.9 km.

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