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131th Year

“Discover the Amazing Universe.”

Visit Ballarat and come to Ballarat Municipal Observatory Museum and Learn about the Cosmos with our 3D Astrotour theatre, view planets & stars with our modern & historical telescopes.

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PROGRAM From 31st January

TUESDAY /  THURSDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY  1st Thursday of the Month is Astronomical Conversations Evening talk.

Tuesday 21st (External group) and Thursday 23rd (Observatory Group) March BOOKED OUT

10.00am – 1.00pm Group bookings only available.

3.30pm – Safe observation of the Sun

4.00pm Tour of the Observatory

4.30pm 3D Movies and What is Up Tonight in the Night sky.

NB: Open only if confirmed bookings from 7.30pm:
7.30pm – Tour & History of Observatory
8.00pm  – 3D Movies
8.30pm – Viewing at the telescopes.

Friday/Saturday Cost $20 per Adult $15 Concession, $10 student. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an Adult. Includes return to view through the telescopes if participating in the children’s activities.

Tuesday/ Thursday Costs during School Term for Public visitors,

$35 Adults, $20 Conc, $15 Students < 18, $80 Family 2A &2S, $90 Family 2A & 3+S. Payment by Cash or Direct Deposit on your Mobile, NO Eftpos.

this fee includes a cover charge for very small groups. Larger groups will still be charged at the lower general entry costs. 

Payment by Cash or Direct Deposit on your Mobile, NO Eftpos.

Bookings essential on 0429 199 312 or 61 3 5332 7526

Sunday , Monday and Wednesday the Observatory is closed unless there is a pre – arranged booking or special event is on.

For help in planning your visit, refer to the Diary of Phenomena below and the Frequently Asked Questions.

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What’s on at the Observatory




The Ballarat Observatory and Golden Nugget Discovery Tours have come together to give you an unforgettable bush and night time experience.

We care for our Environment and Planet Earth.

As the sun sets, the Australian bush comes alive, a chance to encounter, depending on their being present on the  night, some local wildlife such as

Kangaroos, Possums, Gliders, Owls, Frogs, Bats, and other night wild life and then to look through telescopes at the Observatory to discover the wonders of the night sky.

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First Earth has a second object orbiting it, a quasi moon, HO3, and now Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system, has a planet, Proxima B, two great discoveries in our lifetime! Proxima B was discovered using the HARPS instrument on the ESO 3.6-metre telescope. The attached image, shows Proxima, designated TYC9010-4949-1 just East of Rigel Kentaurus, Alpa Centauri (second closest star system, it is a binary star). Proxima is only visible in telescopes, being magnitude 10.56. The most you can see with your eyes is about Magnitude 6 depending on the quality of the ‘seeing’.


Diary of Astronomical Phenomena

Sunrise and Sunset Times Ballarat

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