50th Anniversary of the First Human to Walk on the Moon.


Sunday 21st July

Come and celebrate  the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and future human space exploration. Photography Exhibition, Children’s Activities, exhibits,  music and more………

11.00am – Children’s activities including water rocket launching. Alternate program if raining.

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11.40am Story time for children “I Wish I had gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong”  15mins with Rebecca Spark in Brittain House- 3rd Rock Cafe
12.00 -4.30pm Safe solar viewing if fine, children’s activities, includes rocket launching, Camera Obscura.

12.00pm – 12.10pm Opening of the Capturing the Moon Competition Exhibition of Finalists Images – Awarding of Prizes.

12.10 – 1.10
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Fly me to the Moon: From Imagination to Exploration

The Moon in all its beauty and mystery, although seemingly desolate, has a story to tell, a story that is nearly 4.5 billion years old. Marking the 50th Anniversary of landing the first humans on the Moon, come and listen to our resident astrophysicist Saeed salimpour who will take you on a journey of discovery about the Moon – from the earliest times to the future of exploration. Learn about not only the science, technology and passion that drives us to explore new frontiers, rather the people who drive this exploration. Have you ever wondered: How old is the Moon? How was it formed? What is it made of (with a high degree of certainty NOT CHEESE!)? Well now is your chance to explore these questions.

JF Kennedy Speech followed by Houston Clip of the Apollo 11 landing.The first step was taken at 12.56pm AEST.

1.10pm -2.10pm Jacinta Irene Dennett

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2.30pm -3.00pm Revisit the Eagle Landing on the Moon.

3.00pm Story time for children “I Wish I had gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong”  15mins with Rebecca Spark in Brittain House – 3rd Rock Cafe

3.30pm – 4.30pm ‘The Infusers’ with Theme of the Moon 

The Infusers are a local folk band that feature 3 harmony singers and use a variety of acoustic instruments. They will be performing a range of songs that have the Moon them.

 –  Harvest Moon, Fly Me to the Moon, Moondance, Blue Moon, Bad Moon Rising…..

4.45pm – 5.10pm  The Parkes Telescope and it’s role in the Moon Landing.

5.45pm – 7.30pm Viewing at the telescopes – special discount for evening viewings. Jupiter and Saturn will be beautiful objects. If it is cloudy, we will have an alternate program.

Gate entry is by Gold Coin Donation for day Programs

Online Entry minimum per person for daytime activities  $2  Evening viewing $10 Adults, $5 Studens ONLINE BOOKINGS

Limited Printing of Special Anniversary Mugs, 2 to choose from:

50thMoon_Black Mug      50thMoon_White Mug

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