Aboriginal Astronomy


BAS Free Lecture: Bookings Closed – This is an opportunity for those who missed Krystals lecture in Ballarat a few weeks ago. New Members welcome.

Astrophysics student and Kamilaroi woman Krystal De Napoli initially didn’t see the correlation between her indigenous heritage and the mathematics and science subjects she loved so much.

But when her university lecturer explained the connection – how indigenous cultures use atmospheric observations and the stars to inform their traditions – it became an area of interest.

“I grew up always knowing quite a bit about my culture from my Mum, but I never knew anything about the sciences,” Ms De Napoli said.

“I started trying to find out all the information that I could … and it was rather special to me, because a lot of the information I was finding was coming out from my country, the Kamilaroi mob.

“They would look at the sky as see a halo appear around the moon, and be able to know rain was coming in the next few days.”

She will present a lecture on the ways Indigenous Australians encode scientific information in their traditions and how this knowledge is passed to successive generations. Features videos of dances, songs and interviews with Elders.
Tour of the night sky if clear afterwards.