IAU 100th Anniversary Dark Skies for All with Krystal Napoli – Astrophysics Student and Kamilaroi Woman


5.00pm Saturday 8th June

Astrophysics student and Kamilaroi woman Krystal De Napoli returns to Ballarat to join in with our celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of the Astronomical Unions Theme – “Dark Skies for All.”

“I grew up always knowing quite a bit about my culture from my Mum, but I never knew anything about the sciences,” Ms De Napoli said.

“I started trying to find out all the information that I could … and it was rather special to me, because a lot of the information I was finding was coming out from my country, the Kamilaroi mob.

“They would look at the sky as see a halo appear around the moon, and be able to know rain was coming in the next few days.”

Jupiter is a brilliant object now.

This event coincides with a first quarter Moon, one of our Best Nights for viewing dates, attracting a discount of 15%.
Tour of the night sky if clear afterwards.

Open fire, warm drinks available.