Astronomical Conversations


1st Thursday of the Month

8th June

6.30pm  Saturn Revealed – Cassini’s Odyssey

7.00pm Viewing at the Telescopes – Saturn visible about 8pm

Cost $5 Adult,  $10 Family



Past Talks

4th May  The Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy – the quest to understand our very own Black Hole!

6th April linking into the Stargazing Live event on ABC TV Facebook on our big screen.

2nd March 2017  Astronomical Conversations : Supernova 1987A – Three decades ago, a massive stellar explosion sent shockwaves not only through space but also through the astronomical community. SN 1987A was the closest observed supernova to Earth since the invention of the telescope and has become by far the best studied of all time, revolutionising our understanding of the explosive death of massive stars.