Best Nights for Saturday Viewing Feb-Dec


BOOK HERE for a Best Nights for Viewing 2020

Covid19 precautions must be observed on the night. If you are unwell it is  best if you cancel your visit.

These sessions are held on one Saturday of  each month closest to a 1st Quarter Moon and in 2020 also on nights without any Moon will be included. Any special astronomical happenings will be included in each session.

This timing gives beautiful highlights of the Moon’s craters and mountains (great for small children and adults as well), planets up on the night and deep sky objects or alternatively a dark sky without the Moon.

Generally all the funds raised through visits go towards keeping the Observatory maintained and updated  and so we rely on visitors and groups to for this.

However the need in the wider community after the fires is also great and the Observatory Team have decided to give 35% of the revenue over 2 years from our Best Nights Program to help with the recovery effort in selected areas of need in Victoria, suggested by our members, some who have been through fires in the past and some who work as CFA Volunteers and some who are members of environmental groups. The recovery effort in some areas will take years and we would like to support this recovery. Valuing greatly the support that some of our members have been on the receiving end of help in the past.

The night goes ahead even if is cloudy and a rain check can be given for the next Best Night.