Celebrating Heritage in May Program


Thursday 24th May the Observatory is closed, last days for Heritage month are this coming Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th.

The Observatory Historical Telescopes will be in use.

1.00-1.30pm Camera Obscura – experience the beauty and simplicity of the earliest form of camera next to the 3rd Rock Cafe which will be open.

1.30-2.00pm Safe Solar Observation at the Jelbart Telescope, 100 years old in 2018. Mechanics of a refractor telescope. 8- 99 years.

2.00pm Mars 3D Movie – and looking at the close approach of Mars this year.  8-99years.

2.30-3.00pm Solar system – “High 5” occasionally 5 planets can be viewed on the one night, a close look at the orbits of these planets and where they will be over the next 2 months. Solar System 3D Movie. 8–99 years .

3.00 – 3.30pm Afternoon Tea

3.30-4.00pm 132 Years of Astronomy in Ballarat Lecture. The history and intrigue behind the making of the Ballarat Observatory and it’s development over the past 132 years.

4.00- 4.30 Historical Tour of the Observatory.

4.30pm Break for Dinner at the 3rd Rock Café.

5.45pm View Venus and Deep sky objects in the telescopes. Viewing of Jupiter will be the last object about 7.00pm. Various Historical Telescopes will be used during May. The largest Telescope, The Baker, will be in use on each Saturday during May, the site of one of the episodes in the Dr Blake Series. (The newer disability access telescope will be opened if there are any wheel chair bound visitors.)

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