Dinner and Lecture with Associate Professor Emma Ryan Webber 31st March


Assoc. Prof. Emma Ryan Webber will be the keynote speaker at the NACAA conference on  Saturday 31st March.

We are providing the opportunity for the Public to come along to hear Emma, who originally comes from Ballarat, to speak on

‘What we know about Big Bang Cosmology and our Milky Way Galaxy from the naked eye’

Emma is a past junior Member of BAS and now leads the intergalactic medium research group at Swinburne. The Groups science focuses on detecting metals in absorption at very high redshifts. To achieve this the group use near-infrared spectroscopy towards high redshift quasars on the world’s largest telescopes including Keck and the VLT. Related to this, they also work on high redshift galaxies and their influence on reionization, including their escaping fraction of ionizing radiation. Emma’s PhD was on HI in the local Universe, and she still has active interest in that field.

If you would like to attend the Lecture and Dinner you can book here on TRYBOOKING.

6.15 for 6.30pm Start for Dinner, lecture later.

If you have any special dietary requirements send details to bas@cbl.com.au

Bookings close on 20th March.

If you would like more information, phone Judith on 0429 199 312.