School Holidays – Rockets


Image Credit: Doug Stenhouse BAS Member – captured what the eye misses!

4th – 15th April Coincides with Yuri’s Night 12th – Celebrating the first Human in Space.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Children’s Activities

5.00 – 5.45pm  Rocket Launching and make and launch a parachutes, safe viewing of the Sun if  fine.

5.45 – 6.15pm Break for refreshments at Third Rock Cafe or BYO Dinner/Picnic.

 6.15 – 6.45pm 3D Movies

6.45 – 8.15pm Viewing at the telescopes if clear, or virtual sky presentation.

Cost:  Adults $20, Conc $15  Student $10 under 18yrs, Family $ 50, Family 5 + $55

Program extended for one week to include Families from South Australia on holidays, on Tuesday and Thursdays only.