Science Week – Forced Landing on Mars – Mars Competition -17th July to 18th August 2018



Mars is very close to Earth during July and August 2018 Mars ephemeris NB apparent diameter, 22July 24.0 arc sec up to 24.3 arc sec then back to 24 arc sec 8th Aug.



“A close  approach of Mars provides an opportunity to send a space crew to Mars to support the existing Martian Colony which has been established for 5 years. Unfortunately the crew encounter mechanical difficulties and crash land 400km from the Colony before they can send a message to the base and with most of the equipment on board being damaged. Survival depends on reaching the Colony.
What do the crew need to survive the 400km trek to join the Colony?  Your task is to place the list of available items in order of importance to allow the crew to reach the Colony in safety, 1 – most important and 15 – least important.”

NB: The Judges decision is final, any objectors will be transported to Mars.

ENTRY FORM CRASH LANDING ON MARS survival List and information

Participants can go into the draw to win a 25cm Dobsonian Telescope, 2nd and 3rd Prize a pair of Binoculars. The first drawn correct entries will win. Draw occurs at 5.30pm on 18th August. The telescope can be picked up from the Observatory and a session on how to use it will be provided or delivered to the winners address. Entries will be accepted from anywhere in Australia ( we would love you to visit sometime).
Mars will be very close to the Earth over this period and viewing of Mars during it’s close approach through telescopes will be available. Disability access is available at the Federation – Adcock Telescope.

Entries close 17th August 2018  Send by email to or drop in when you visit.

All entrants booking in to view through the telescopes on site at the Observatory will receive a Small Kit* ,  just in case they find themselves stranded on Mars. MARS VIEWINGS BOOKINGS HERE

* not guaranteed to ensure survival