Total Eclipse of the Moon 28th July


Image Credit: Phil Hart

The Observatory is open from 5.00am on Saturday 28th July and breakfast is included in the cost. Overnight camping – arrive by 6.00pm Friday 27th July to setup.

A total eclipse occurs at a full Moon but does not occur every month because the position of the Moon is not completely immersed in the Earths shadow. The Moon must pass through the inner shadow circle of the Earth for a total eclipse of the Moon to occur.

As can be seen on the attached beautiful image of the eclipsed Moon, the colour is that of copper, each eclipse being a different depth of copper tones.  The recent introduction of the media term, blood moon,  is inaccurate and  misleading. There is no resemblance to the colour of blood which is a bright red.

Lunar eclipse:

Penumbra entered 3:14 AEST
Umbra entered 4:23
Totality begins  5:29
Totality ends  7:15  –  Moon set 7:37 AEST Ballarat
Umbra left 8:20  – Visible WA, not in Ballarat
Penumbra left  9:30 Visible in WA, not in Ballarat



Camping fee $20 single or family.

$25 Adults

$18 Concession

$12 Student (under 18)

$60 family 4 (2 adults + 2 children)

$65 family 5 (2 adults + 3 children)
3rd Rock Café open  from 5am for warm drinks.

For more information call 0n 0429 199 312,  BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL and are available online here TRYBOOKING