Winning Sky Photos – 2017 David Malin Awards 6 Nov – 14 Jan


Winning Sky Photos is the exhibition of top entries from the David Malin Awards astrophotography competition.

Held annually by the Central West Astronomical Society, it is open to photographers around Australia. The photographs are judged
by world-renowned astrophotographer Dr David Malin.

David Malin has had a long fascination with light and colour and the interface between art and science.
He has been involved in scientific photography since the mid-1960s, initially using optical and electron microscopes
and X-ray diffraction techniques to shed a new light on problems in pure and applied chemistry. 
In 1975, he joined the newly-created Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO, now the Australian Astronomical Observatory)
as its photographic scientist, and applied his imaging techniques to studying much larger and more distant objects,
including Malin 1,  the first giant, low-surface-brightness galaxy discovered and still the largest known spiral system.

Dr David Malin will open the Exhibition at 7.00pm on Monday 6th  November and give a talk.

The exhibition will be open until January 14th.

The Talk and Opening Night are free but bookings are required. If you would like to view though the telescopes, special viewing costs apply.

Bookings can be made here for the Talk / Opening and Viewing on Trybooking

Saturday 9th December 7.30pm  Workshop

Alex Cherney, who received an Honourable Mention for the Airglow Section  with “Red and Green” below, will run a workshop on December 9th which has a separate booking page as numbers are restricted, the link can be found here on Trybooking

The competition aims to encourage photographers to use their vision, imagination and skill to produce inspiring and beautiful images of the sky.

There are six photographic award categories:


Deep Sky



Solar System

Open Theme, this year titled ‘Airglow’

Two awards for animated sequences

Photo Editor’s Choice Award

Australasian Sky Guide Cover Award

A discretionary Innovation Award.