Yuri’s Night 2014



“Space the final frontier…”, as many captains have uttered this phrase, humans have been able to journey into the final frontier, may be not as far as science-fiction predicted! The enigma, adventure and mystery  that comes with space exploration or more specifically human space exploration has ignited the imagination of many. However, there are still some misconceptions about this colossal feat of human ingenuity and curiosity.

Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to ever journey into space, set the stage for all that followed, a milestone in what was to become a race to the final frontier!

On 12th of April 2014, join us as we celebrate not only the life and achievement of Yuri Gagarin, but discuss some of the Myths and Legends of Space Exploration that may be misunderstood.

The Ballarat Observatory is hosting this event to explore the myths & legends surrounding space exploration, supported by the Ballarat Astronomical Society and Ballarat Skeptics Group.

What is skepticism?

Skepticism in science is about encouraging thoughtful, rational exploration of the world around us. Most often the word skeptic is associated with conspiracies, that is akin to calling astronomers astrologers!!! Being a skeptic in the scientific sense is about seeking appropriate evidence and searching for verifiable & reproducible results. This event aims to provide answers to the misconceptions by presenting researched and experimental evidence.


Program Details:

18:00 – Dinner and Satellite Hunting  – Meal Cost $25  2 x Course, Member Discount applies.

18:45 – 20:00 – Lecture series – The Myths & Legends of Space Exploration – with Saeed Salimpour (presented by the Ballarat Observatory and the Ballarat Skeptics Group), cost includes supper.

20:15 onwards – Viewing at the telescopes (weather permitting)

Cost $20 Adults, $15 Conc, $8 Students, $45 Family 2A + 2S, $50 Family 2A +3-4S.

Member discount applies.

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