Lyrids Meteor Shower


Lyrids (006 LYR)

Active: April14-30; Maximum: April 22,  07:00hr UT  ZHR ~ 18 (can be variable, up to 90);
V = 49 km/s;

(The last very high maximum was in 1982, when a short-lived ZHR of 90 was recorded.) The mean peak ZHR was 18 over the thirteen years
examined. Further, the shower’s peak length varied: using the Full-Width-Half-Maximum time (the period ZHRs were above half the peak level), a variation between 14.8 to 61.7 hours was detected (mean 32.1 hours). The best rates are normally achieved for just a few hours even
so. The analysis also confirmed that occasionally, as their highest rates occurred, the Lyrids produced a brief increase in fainter meteors.
The New Moon on April 23rd bodes well for observing the shower this year.