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Hello!Pluto mug

Sold Out

2019 Astronomy Calendar

Great value, monthly sky maps, planet information and special astronomical events.
Price: $15.00
Price including postage(AU only): $20
2 or more calendars, 10% discount.

UV Crystal Beads

UVCB UV Crystal Beads Price $8.00
Change colour when exposed to UV light.

Timer Reversed

TiR Tiner Reversed Price $9.50
How does it work? Both sides go in different directions.

Sunprint Kit

SP Sunprint Kit Price $12.00
Make your own prints in the Sun, watch the reaction.


Pl Planisphere Price $15
One of the best I have used, has both Nth & Sth perspective.

Astronomy Year Book

AYB Astronomy 2019 Yearbook
Price plus $29.50 plus postage (AU only)


CaC Price $22.00

Calendar Images

2019 Calendar images – each month a beautiful image selected from the Winners of each section of the David Malin Awards and the Finalists.

Periodic Table Mug

MPT Price: $12.50

Periodic Table T-shirt

TsPTS Small $18
TsPTL Large $18
TsPTL X Large Price $18