Education at the Observatory

The Ballarat Observatory offers a range of programs for Teachers and Students.

Our aim is to make the complex concepts in Astronomy and Physics understandable and enjoyable by everyone.

Most people have the impression that a visit to an observatory is merely about looking through telescopes, this may have been the case a few decades ago, however, this is no longer the case.

Observatories generally fall under two main categories: Research and public education. Research observatories are not geared to provide continual educational services to the general public, whereas, public education observatories much like The Ballarat observatory are set up as a science hub for the community.

The Ballarat Observatory was setup to educate the public about science in general and astronomy in particular. We act as a conduit between the professional and the general public from an educational perspective. Therefore, each visit to the observatory is about enhancing and adding to the core science concepts that are taught at school and providing students, teachers and parents the opportunity to interact, ask questions and experience what the field of astronomy entails.

Our program is based around three key sections

  1. tour of the observatory
  2. 3D movies/interactives/presentation/Q&A session/activities
  3. observing the night sky

Each of these sessions is independent of the others, some schools may opt to just do sections (1) & (2), others would like to just do section (3). The key is to decide what is it that you would like us to address. The goal is not to come and look through a telescope, rather it is have an experience about science & astronomy.

We understand that is it challenging for teachers to answer all questions and still have time to meet their curriculum, hence, we have designed our education programs to help teachers and allow them to collaborate with us to enhance their teaching.

At the Ballarat Observatory, we provide a relaxed setting, wherein, students, teachers & parents can have their questions answered without the pressures of time or the stress that their questions may not seem “intelligent”. Although, the internet is littered with a plethora of resources that people can use, some of those resources may not be accurate.  Furthermore, the interaction with an experienced presenter provides a dynamic and interesting learning environment.

To speak with our Science & Education Officer call: 0429 199 312