Asteroid Day June 30th

Asteroid Day is a global awareness campaign where people from around the world come together to learn the dangers asteroids pose and what we can do to protect our families, communities, and future generations. The United Nations declared June 30 as Asteroid Day. The date of Asteroid Day commemorates the anniversary of the Tunguska asteroid impact over Siberia, Russian Federation, on 30 June 1908. We will hold Asteroid Day on 27th June in Ballarat in 2020.

“We need to know what would happen if one of these asteroids hits the earth. We need, also, to try and avoid that from happening.”

Brian May

“It is the overriding responsibility of the human race to maximise our chances of survival in a dangerous universe. Asteroid impacts are one of the few natural threats that could destroy cities, countries, or even the whole of civilisation in a single movement, and we must therefore take the threat seriously”

Brian Cox

“A major asteroid collision, unlikely in any given year, represents a substantial risk for humanity because the consequences can be so major. The technology to map out dangerous asteroid orbits exists, and should be more fully exploited. This is a risk humanity should do its best to eliminate”

Brian P. Schmidt

Come and learn about Asteroids with Movies, Activities and viewing at the telescopes….


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