Dr Russell Cockman Online Talk


Image Credit: Near-Live image of the sun in 171 angstrom as seen by NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory  5 8 2020


Dr Russell Cockman  is the ASV Solar Section Director, and lectures in Chemistry at RMIT, he is a retired Industrial Chemist. COST $3 for non- members, free for members.

The topic will be: “The Search for the Sun’s Siblings”.
Summary: Today, the consensus amongst astronomers is that the Sun did not form alone 4.6 billion years ago. It is believed to have been just one of hundreds, possibly thousands, of newly forming stars within an open cluster. As far as we know the Sun is alone today so what happened to that cluster and its siblings? Until recently, it was a near-impossible task to find out as the data was not available to identify members among the 100 trillion stars that is our Milky Way galaxy. The data is available now and a systematic search for the Sun’s siblings is underway. This talk will explain how the search is being done.

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