‘Little Stars’ Weekly Program



1.00pm – 2.30pm Afternoon Program


Our program designed for children aged  3yrs -7yrs explores a different aspect of the Night Sky and the World around us each month.

This program is currently only available on a Thursday.

The first Little Stars session will coincide with Children’s Week.

Themes plus any others that we may decide on.


February – The Colour of the Stars

March – Equinox – Equal Day and Night

May – The Emu and other stories and Light

June -The Shortest Day

July – Rockets – travelling to another Planet

August – Meteors and Meteorites

September – Equinox – Equal Day and Night

October – The Moon.

November – The Planets

December – The Longest Day

Will restart program when COVID-19 situation  no longer requires social distancing.


First series 2019