Revealing the Cosmos – August 2015


Ballarat Observatory hosts a monthly lecture series. Each lecture is aimed at simplifying the various developments in scientific research – from the mysteries of our Galaxy, to shape and size of the Universe, what the Universe is made of and beyond! These lectures assume no prior knowledge of science or mathematics, just an open mind!

After the lecture, join Saeed Salimpour (Science Officer) for a Q&A session. If the weather is fine, viewing through the telescopes will allow you see some of the wonders of the universe. Bookings essential

Past topics included:

– From Telescopes to the Formation of the Universe

– What are we made of?

– The Dark Universe

– The Stringy Universe – Simplifying String Theory

– The First Stars in the Universe

– From the Milky Way to Black Holes

Next lecture Thursday 27th August 2015 –

Topic – Earth Meet Pluto, Pluto Meet Earth

Special  Program for this night only

18:15 – Lecture starts


Lecture Only

Optional extras
– Astronomical Conversations 2 Course Dinner: $25.  Bookings essential

Dinner Menu

– Discounted Half-price Viewing Costs for the Night
$10 Adults
$8 Concession
$5 Student (under 18)
$15 family 4 (2 adults + 2 children)
$20 family 5 (2 adults + 3 children)

Bookings essential