Starry Spring Nights 2015



October 24th

6:00pm – 11:00pm (When everyone goes home if beautiful clear sky)

6.00pm: Third Rock Cafe open for Coffee etc, Astroburgers and refreshments no booking required,booked 2 course meal or BYO picnic.

7:00pm:  Live music with KINJA “Kinja” (Wamba Wamba ‘my home’)

Sara,  whose roots are scottish on fiddle, Ron a descendent of the Wamba Wamba tribe (Swan Hill) on Didgeridoo, uniquely combine the sounds of Aboriginal Australia with the jigs, reels, airs and ballads of Scotland and Ireland.Kinja

8.00pm Viewing at the telescopes  (depending on the weather)

The spring constellations are rising now and our closest galaxy Andromeda, a naked eye object low in the North, becomes visible in the evening sky.


$20 Adults

$15 Concession

$8 Students

$45 Family (2A 2C)

$50 Family (2A 3-4C)

Bookings and information on 5332 7526 or via the below form