Starry Spring Nights 2013



October 26th

Venus Our Mysterious Neighbour

Time 6:00pm – 11:00pm (When everyone goes home if beautiful clear sky)

6.00pm: Third Rock Cafe open for Astroburgers and refreshments or BYO picnic.

7:00pm: Music by the KINJA (see below)

8.00- 8.30pm: View Venus whilst listening to music.

8.30pm: Presentation about  Venus our Mysterious Neighbour or

8.30pm Viewing at the telescopes  (depending on the weather)

The spring constellations are rising now and our closest galaxy Andromeda, a naked eye object, becomes visible in the evening sky. Best viewing is at 11.47AEDT  on the 26th.


$20 Adults

$15 Concession

$8 Students

$45 Family (2A 2C)

$50 Family (2A 3-4C)

Bookings and information on 5332 7526


“Kinja” (Wamba Wamba ‘my home’)

Sara,  whose roots are scottish on fiddle, Ron a descendent of the Wamba Wamba tribe (Swan Hill) on Didgeridoo, uniquely combine the sounds of Aboriginal Australia with the jigs, reels, airs and ballads of Scotland and Ireland.