Total Eclipse of the Moon 4th April




The Observatory is open from 8pm to late.

A total eclipse occurs at a full Moon but does not occur every month because the position of the Moon is not completely immersed in the Earths shadow. The Moon must pass through the inner shadow circle of the Earth for a total eclipse of the Moon to occur.

As can be seen on the attached beautiful image of the eclipsed Moon, the colour is that of copper, each eclipse being a different depth of copper tones.  The recent introduction of the media term, blood moon,  is inaccurate science and is misleading. There is no resemblance to the colour of blood which is a bright red.

Penumbra entered  20:00 AEDT

Umbra entered        21:15

Totality begins         22:49

Totality ends            23:12

Umbra left                00:46

Penumbra left          02:00

Discounted Viewing Costs for the Night

$10 Adults

$8 Concession

$5 Student (under 18)

$15 family 4 (2 adults + 2 children)

$20 family 5 (2 adults + 3 children)
3rd Rock Café open  from 8pm.  Bookings required .

Book for Observatory 0n 0429 199 312, or 03 5332 7526 4-7pm, bookings are available online for 3rd Rock Cafe