Yuri’s Night 2017


Wednesday 12th April “Space…the Final Frontier…” These famous words resonate with people all over the world! They encapsulate our fascination for exploring the unknown and our determination to push the boundaries of science. For over a decade, the 12th of April has been recognized as Yuri’s Night in commemoration of Yuri Gagarin, the first human being to ever journey into space. This enormous feat set the stage for humanity’s race to explore the final frontier.  

Program Details:

6.30 – 7.00pmPizza Dinner and Satellite Hunting outside under the Stars!

  Cost $7, 1/2 Price Children under 12 years.

7.00 – 7.30pm Yuri’s Trivia Get your friends together and test your knowledge about space exploration, general knowledge.

Cost $10 Each. Choice of prizes,  something for everyone! Maximum group size 8.

7.30pm ‘ROSETTA’ – It has arrived in time!! We are very pleased to invite you to our latest movie about the Rosetta Mission from the Full Dome Film Society, landing a space probe on an asteroid! From Yuri  and now Rosetta, space exploration has come a long way.

Viewing at the telescopes afterwards (weather permitting).

                                         Cost: $12 Adults $8 Concession $5 Students

Yuri’s Night bookings can be made here online at TRYBOOKINGS 


Contact 0429 199 312 or email bas@cbl.com.au