Yuri’s Night April 12th


Yuri’s Night is a global celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space. Yuri’s Night parties and events are held around the world every April in commemoration of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human to venture into space on April 12, 1961, and the inaugural launch of the first Space Shuttle on April 12, 1981.

This Year we are having activities that you can do from your backyard.

A free family pass will be offered to the first 4 families who send an email to bas@cbl.com.au with a short explanation of what are “gravity assist” orbits.

On April 10 2020, the Mercury probe BepiColombo will fly past the Earth. The Earth will provide a “gravity assist” and is the first of several flybys of the Earth, Venus and Mercury before it arrives in Mercury orbit in 2025.
We won’t be able to see this flyby from Ballarat, maybe the next one?
Overhead passes of ISS in Ballarat from 11th -16th April, 14th is the highest altitude, bright and overhead. (Put in location of Ballarat to get up to date passes)
Take a moment to look at where we are now with orbiting the planet.
The ISS Interactive 3D Visualization
This is the new 3D visualization of the ISS. Put in Your Location.
Yuri’s Night is held each year at the Observatory and was first held at the Observatory in 2014.